New Orleans Public Affairs Podcast: Water Damage in Former Desire Neighborhood

This week I interviewed Malcolm Suber of CDC 58:12, a community organization based in the Desire area that is now serving residents of the community that replaced that project. The privately managed community, The Estates, is overseen by the Housing Authority of New Orleans. Residents have been dealing with leaks and water for some time, but Hurricane Isaac exacerbated the situation. Listen to his comments here.

The Life of The Law: Culture of Litigation

Late this spring I responded to a call for pitches from a new podcast that examines how the legal system intertwines with our everyday lives. The producer was intrigued by my description of the issues facing the Vietnamese community on the Gulf Coast related to the BP oil spill and its aftermath. This piece is the result. The amazing sound design was done by Kaitlin Prest. Julia Barton offered exquisite editing assistance, and numerous people from the New Orleans area helped me find the interviews for this story. Special thanks go to Daniel Nguyen and Grace Scire.

Coal and Coastal Restoration Clash in Southern Louisiana

Louisiana is losing land faster than any place on Earth, but the economic realities of international trade are bringing pressure onto officials to compromise on the location of a critical sediment diversion. The diversion would be the first specifically planned to move sediment from the Mississippi River into the surrounding wetlands, recreating the natural flooding process that built the river delta. The Lens generously allowed me to research and write this story for them. You can read it here.