Bluegrass at the Hi-Ho

  • Playin' Playin'
  • Willie and his mandolin Willie and his mandolin
  • Bluegrass circle at the Hi-Ho Bluegrass circle at the Hi-Ho People gather every Monday at the Hi-Ho to play bluegrass. They bring violins, guitars, mandolins, cellos, and other instruments.
  • Women guitarists Women guitarists
  • Smiling Guitar Player Smiling Guitar Player
I took my camera out last night to the fabulous Hi-Ho Lounge, where there’s bluegrass and red beans and rice every Monday. Here’s one shot of the goings on.

2 thoughts on “Bluegrass at the Hi-Ho”

  1. I’m trying to teach myself bluegrass banjo and although I’m making good progress one problem I seem to have is understanding how to play the bluegrass rhythm. I’m using tabs so i play the notes but because the tabs don’t tell you the rhythm to the song it sounds close to it but not right. How can I fix this problem? also I’m not going to spend money on a teacher because the banjo teachers in this area aren’t worth the money I hear nothing but bad experiences and people quiting the instrument because of bad teachers.

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