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This is a photo essay that began in my mind when I lived in the Bywater and would bike by the door to this barber shop. Its obvious age and its position at an angle to the street intrigued me. A few weeks ago, I finally went to see if I could take some pictures. Michael Williamson gave me some wonderful suggestions on how to improve the work, and here is the result. I owe many thanks to the graciousness and patience of Nat Williams and Michael Butler, in particular, who let me hover around their chairs as they worked, but also to those who let me photograph them:  Steven Portis, Andrea Washington, Wayne Wright, Kevin Morgan, Elijah Rashid, Alex Williams, Darryl “Twin” Sullivan, and Laura Mosely.


I’ve spent several weeks photographing the folks in a 7th Ward barber shop. The door cuts into the corner of the building, a design not uncommon in New Orleans, and from there one can observe the intersection of St. Claude Avenue, Henriette Delille Street and St. Anthony. This is my first essay from the project and features the patrons’ feet as they sit on the barber’s chair.

A Sunny Day in Brighton

These are a few photos I took on a sunny Sunday afternoon at Brighton Beach, UK.

  • boys on sea wall (800x536) boys on sea wall (800x536)
  • Roll Up (800x536) Roll Up (800x536)
  • Carousel horse and sun (536x800) Carousel horse and sun (536x800)
  • ladies dancing (536x800) ladies dancing (536x800)
  • shoes gettin' down (800x536) shoes gettin' down (800x536)

Industry Influence Puts Hip-Hop into Business

Last fall, my friend, Ben Varadi, told me about this monthly music and education event for the hip-hop community in New Orleans. This winter I went to one of the events organized by Wild Wayne and Sess Four-Five. The result is this story that aired on the Marketplace Morning Report in April. The segment starts at about 4:35 into the show.

Bluegrass at the Hi-Ho

  • Playin' Playin'
  • Willie and his mandolin Willie and his mandolin
  • Bluegrass circle at the Hi-Ho Bluegrass circle at the Hi-Ho People gather every Monday at the Hi-Ho to play bluegrass. They bring violins, guitars, mandolins, cellos, and other instruments.
  • Women guitarists Women guitarists
  • Smiling Guitar Player Smiling Guitar Player
I took my camera out last night to the fabulous Hi-Ho Lounge, where there’s bluegrass and red beans and rice every Monday. Here’s one shot of the goings on.

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