Wisconsin’s many issues

I started hearing about human trafficking in Wisconsin shortly after my return in 2014. Finally this fall I started to look into what I was hearing. The result was this piece for the Guardian, which was the most-shared story of the day when it went up in early November. There is much more to this issue, and this report focuses only on minors and only on those caught up in sex trafficking. There is, of course, trafficking that doesn’t involve sex, just as there is labor trafficking that does. This work introduced me to Claudine O’Leary along with others in the Milwaukee area who are on the front lines with the young people involved. They are the ones who made this report possible and who are raising awareness that sex trafficking happens in the US every day; it’s not something that just takes place overseas.

Shortly after this was published, Pacific Standard Magazine posted my analysis of the federal lawsuit filed to challenge Wisconsin’s 2011 redistricting plan. The Whitford vs. Nichol lawsuit differs from other lawsuits arguing partisan bias because it is presenting a method for determining whether redistricting processes are fair to the two major parties. Eric McGhee and Nick Stephanopolous developed the “efficiency gap” tool set out in the lawsuit.

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